When you join the IIBA® Central Iowa Chapter, you become a member of an international association dedicated to developing and promoting the business analysis profession.

To become a member of our Central Iowa Chapter, two annual memberships are required:

  • IIBA® (International Institute of Business Analysis) - $125 initial/$110 renewal
  • IIBA® Central Iowa Chapter - $35

IIBA® is the international parent organization of our chapter and requires a membership that is separate from our chapter membership. However, your IIBA® membership number is used for both memberships. Our chapter requires both memberships in order to receive the benefits of a member in good standing.

Our local chapter does not receive any revenue support from IIBA® memberships.

Step 1 IIBA®

Join the international organization.

Join IIBA Renew

Step 2 local chapter

To join or renew chapter membership, please login or create an account:

Join or Renew Membership

* Membership payments can also be made at monthly meetings or via snail mail.


Please note: Chapter membership 12 month terms run concurrently with IIBA® memberships. Your chapter membership expiration date follows your IIBA® expiration date. Any chapter membership payment made within your 12 month IIBA® membership period will be applied to that same 12 month period, regardless of when it is received. E.g. If your membership expires July 31 and you do not make a chapter membership payment during that 12 month membership period until July 31, a chapter membership payment would be due again August 1.
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