International Institute of Business Analysis, Central Iowa Chapter

Chapter Mission: Work to strengthen the presence and understanding of Business Analysis.

Chapter Vision

To be the trusted source of BA professional development in Central Iowa through

  • Improving Educational Offerings
  • Robust Marketing
  • Efficient Operations Support
  • Creation of Next Generation Support
  • Diverse Membership
  • Grow Participation
  • Winning Chapter Awards

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Chapter Governance

  • Articles of Organization
  • IIBA Central Iowa Chapter Bylaws
  • Chapter/IIBA Affiliation Agreement
  • The IIBA Central Iowa Chapter (CIC) is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit corporation classified as a "Business League" by the IRS.

IIBA Mission, Vision and Bylaws

The mission of  IIBA® is to develop and maintain standards for the practice of business analysis and for the certification of its practitioners. It's vision is to be the leading worldwide professional association for business analysts.

The strategic goals of IIBA are:

  • Drive awareness of the value and contribution of the role of the business analysis professional.
  • Formalize and evolve  A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® ( BABOK® Guide)
  • Define a roadmap for professional growth and development
  • Advance the practices of business analysis
  • Publicly recognize qualified practitioners through an internationally acknowledged certification program
  • Provide forums for knowledge sharing

The operational goals of IIBA are:

  • Enable sustainable growth to support the establishment of IIBA as a worldwide organization
  • Ensure financial viability to support the implementation and sustainment of IIBA operational and strategic priorities
  • Consistently demonstrate the value of the organization to IIBA constituents

IIBA Bylaws

To view a copy of the complete IIBA Bylaws, please click here.

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